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We all work hard. We all feel like we need a break. We all need balance. As a self-proclaimed workaholic I am always trying to find time to turn my brain off – it’s very hard for me to stop thinking about new work and ideas. But sometimes it pays off.
January has historically been a slow time for me and a few years back, I made the decision to travel, unwind, recharge and reflect for the entire month. I found the place that works for me is the Dominican Republic. Its fresh air, beautiful beaches, great food, kind people, plus, it’s not swarming with fellow vacationers.
That said, I know my brain won’t turn off easily. Usually I bring one of my cameras and dedicate some time to do some personal shooting and experiment with light and composition with subjects other than food.
My wife gave me the new iPhone 14 and given my recent disappointment in Hasselblad (another story) I figured I should continue my anti-Hasselblad campaign and shoot only with my phone. I left my professional camera behind and set out to challenge myself to create beautiful, dynamic images without the help of all the tools that I’m used to having at my fingertips.
With only my iPhone, and nature, my goal was to find different ways of shooting – looking at light and composition that would inspire me try new techniques once I arrived back in the studio. Each day I assigned myself a new challenge.
light and color was of particular interest to me. I experimented with capturing the closeness of foreground objects, the design of cloud formations and patterns of water reflections. Getting away helps to hit the reset button so I can bring fresh perspective to my future work.
I'll never stop learning that it’s all in how you see it.
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