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Photography - Stephen Hamilton; Citrus Story - Max Hamilton; Delicious Copy & Design - Judith Mara; Food & Prop Stylists - Various see list,


Modern citrus as we know it, comes from four antique families - the Pomelo, Citron, Mandarin, and Papeda. These clans of fruit were brought to ancient Greece around 4BC by Alexander the Great where they flourished in the Mediterranean environment.
From there, they were introduced to Rome where citrus was seen as an ingredient for the rich or an uncommon medicinal fruit. Here, citrus was portrayed in mosaics of feasts as a sign of abundance or wealth.

There is something inherent about the radial symmetry, the natural acidity, and sugar of citrus that has inspired countless pieces of art throughout history. In a medieval age citrus was used as a subject in oil-paint portraits with its flesh half-stripped and draped dramatically, as a testament to the artist’s prowess in realism or mystique.
When the thought of modern citrus as a historic artistic tool arises, it is easy to think of citric acid as a form of primitive bleach. Instead, ancient launderers used lye, sour milk, or diluted sulfuric acid for their bleaching needs because most ancient cultures never interacted with any of the citrus clans.

Antique citrus spread across the globe in the form of diplomatic gifts and plunder, but somewhere along the line some of those royalty transformed their medicinal fruit into a cash crop for their respective regions. This change cemented citrus’ place into the common cornucopia. Its acid is central to the variety that has and continues to personify fruit as a genre and theme.



Citrus is no longer an ingredient for the rich. Its juicy, tangy, sweet and refreshing traits are why it appears in some form in every American household. However, we like it best on our plates or in a glass. The appeal of citrus fruit is not only that it tastes and smells delicious–it's simply too pretty to eat ...

Oranges of Every Color Salad

Bourbon Old Fashioned

Lemon Twists

Fresh Orange Jellies

Zested Grapefruit & Endive Salad

grapefruit and burrata salad

Burrata, Honeycomb & Watercress

lemon tarts

Lemon Meringue Tarts

... with an exception or two.

dried oranges
sardines and oranges
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